The Undergraduate Communication Arts Option                                                                Degree Requirements


The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Film, Theatre, and Commuincations is divided into 3 options allowing students to focus on
either Film Arts, Theatre Arts, or Communication Arts.  The Commuincation Arts option is designed to teach creative writing
for the stage and screen.  This option includes survey courses giving an introduction to film arts and theatre arts followed by
courses in screenwriting, playwriting, and video writing, development of cinema and theatre, film theory and criticism, and
modern and contemporary theatre.


Our Goal:

To draw from the disciplines of film and theatre as a way to develop and strengthen our students' skills in narrative and non-narrative forms of storytelling.


Learning Environment:

Students have the freedom to create their unique writing voice within this non-production oriented track. Our program emphasizes the importance of the story. Understand that this is not a Mass Communication program. It is not about advertising, public relations, print or broadcast journalism. It is about the story. If you want to learn to write for the stage and the screen, then this option is for you.

Our Performing Arts Center building on the main campus permeats with creative energy and the still unique city of New Orleans serves as a constant stimulus forming a writer's dream location.                                                                                                              



Developing your storytelling skills in a nurturing yet challenging environment prepares our students for real opportunities to realize their talents in our production oriented programs. There are lots of chances to see your story develop from the page to the screen or the stage.



Degree Plans:

Our Communication Arts undergraduate curriculum option is founded on a Liberal Arts education culminating in a 120-credit hour BA degree. Our graduate program in Creative Writing is administered jointly with the English Department and culminates in a 45-credit hour Master of Fine Arts degree.

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