The Film Arts Program at UNO

The Film Program at the University of New Orleans is part of the Department of Film, Theatre, and Communication Arts.  Here students have the opportunity to explore the full range of the motion picture arts, from high-tech digital postproduction to documentary and dramatic film production and live performance.   We also share our building with the Department of Music and Jazz Studies, creating an intimate synergistic atmosphere within a broad spectrum of the performing arts.


We have one of the most technologically advanced film programs in the country, with our own sound stage, grip truck, and state-of-the-art, high-def, digital post-production editing and audio suites. At our Nims Center Studios, with 30,000 sq.ft. of studio space, and students have opportunities to work on professional "big-budget" films like Runaway Jury, Ray, and Glory Road.


Our undergraduate program is founded on a liberal arts education terminating in a 120 credit-hour baccalaureate degree.  Our masters program is an accredited terminal 60-hour MFA.


Our goal is to train the complete, independent filmmaker, to give our students the best chance of success in the highly technical and competitive profession of filmmaking.

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