Internship Category:  Film Equipment Contact Address:   733-A Distributors Row   
      New Orleans,  LA   
   Contact Phone#:   (504) 733-3055   


Fax#: (504) 799-9066  

Contact: Brooke Wilcox


Panavision is seeking 1 intern; must be for credit through the university's internship program.

Possible internship duties depend on the student and his or her initiative to learn and participate. He or she will most likely begin with cleaning equipment and cases, making sure all parts are in the cases, then initiative will allow them to prepare and work with camera systems.

The intern will benefit by gaining knowledge of the digital camera systems, lenses, and accessories used for motion pictures, television series, and commercials.

Students can send their resumes to Brooke Wilcox at

Please visit the website for more information:


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